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Kaff's Ending
Upon awakening, I found that I was incredibly close to a large waterfall. It was, in fact, the sound of the rushing water that woke me up. I hadn't drifted, having slept on the stable sand. The gamemakers, being what sadists they were, must have shrunk the arena. They wanted more blood. They wanted a fight. They were driving me towards the Cornucopia. I didn't have much of a choice.
I filled myself up with more water and mushrooms. I was still weary from the lack of a full meal and from so much swimming. I wasn't sure how much longer I could go on.
I forced myself to get all my gear back on before swimming over back the way I'd come. The water was colder than it had been, forcing me to quicken my pace. Surely this was another tool of the gamemakers. The longer I took, the longer bloodthirsty viewers had to wait for some action. Unless the others were there already.
This thought made my speed increase even more. If Manon was there, forced inwards by bubbling magma or angry tracker jacke
:iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 1 9
Day Two - Hunger Games
After a night of resting on one of the available sand-covered shores (hiding myself beneath that sand for warmth and concealment) I decided to swim out again. I chewed on some grass nearby which I remembered wasn't poisonous then headed back into the water. Though I was soaking wet, my mouth was dry with thirst. The saltwater was refreshing on my skin but would only dehydrate me more. I kept on moving without quenching my thirst.
I got tired of swimming after a while and ended up floating on my back, trying to breathe and relax for a while. I closed my eyes and let my thoughts drift to Manon again. I had heard a few cannons going off already and prayed that none of them were hers. If she was good enough to get a 12, then she should be able to survive. Even with my own three I wasn't too concerned. I had made it past the first day, after all.
The spear I'd won was strapped to my back so I could swim more easily. My stomach grumbled, but I was still too nervous of what beasts I might run
:iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 1 0
Kaff at the Cornucopia
The wetsuit Honey stuck me in was uncomfortable and rubbery. It gave no part of my body shelter I feared it would need. There was an oxygen tank on the back as well as a pair of flippers. Honey looked concerned. Despite having griped at her and hating her almost the entire time I was there, now that I was staring the Games in the face, I felt a comforting familiarity towards her. She wasn't my friend, but she was something of an ally. If we got any sponsors, it would be thanks to her and Cutie and their amazing presentation of us. I'm almost certain my interview and shockingly awful score of three wasn't winning me anything.
Manon, however, would handle herself just fine. She'd been stunning in that interview, looked amazing in each outfit she wore for the crowds, and got a twelve in training. A twelve. My Manon who played with the pigs, who kissed me gently and somewhat fiercely all at once. She was a top contender. That would either make people afraid of her and more likely to
:iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 1 0
District 10 Parade snapshots by Sobaku-no-Sarah District 10 Parade snapshots :iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 6 10
After the Interview
She hit me. She hit me. Right square in the jaw! I guess I deserved it and I guess it was fair, but I hadn't expected it so suddenly. It hurt too. If we were play-fighting like I used to do with my brothers I'd have congratulated her on the nice left hook.
I gathered myself from the ground as she spoke, only half paying attention.
"I know I'm clumsy and ugly," she said, her shouts slowly weakening in volume, "and you could never like me… but why?" Never like her? Of all things she was concerned about our friendship? It didn't make sense.
"Manon, of course I like you, but this is a competition. I can't act like I usually would. We can't seem like friends!" I insisted.
"That isn't what I meant!" she shrieked. We were quickly approaching the tenth floor. If I let it go I feared she would bolt and we'd never get this conversation out of the way. I panicked and hit the emergency stop button.
"What are you…?" Manon said. "Kaff!"
"We need to talk. Right now. As soon as we get
:iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 1 3
Prince Rooster by Sobaku-no-Sarah Prince Rooster :iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 4 27 Princess Hen by Sobaku-no-Sarah Princess Hen :iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 3 8 OOHG Banner by Sobaku-no-Sarah OOHG Banner :iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 1 3
Kaff's Interview
I watched as Manon was cheered on by the crowd. I wondered how she would manage. My memories of tiny Manon conflicted with my need to disconnect. I had been trying since we got on the train to the Capitol with each other to forget that the other tributes were even human. I didn't want to die, but I even less wanted to live with guilt. All at once I felt the conflict of hating myself and knowing that it was a necessity.
I looked back up and met her green eyes head-on.
"Are you alright?" she asked quietly so no one picked up on it. For a moment I'd let my cheery façade fade, though I knew that was my plan for the interviews. Maybe the cameras hadn't picked up on it. I prayed no one but her had noticed.
"Fine," I lied, plastering a glittering smile back onto my face. "Great actually. You did wonderfully." I had to be charming. It was just hard to be charming when all I could think about was how awful it was of Honey to shove me in this suit that didn't breathe and put a fluffy cape a
:iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 4 9
HG Female Tribute Outfit by Sobaku-no-Sarah HG Female Tribute Outfit :iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 6 6 HG Male Tribute Outfit by Sobaku-no-Sarah HG Male Tribute Outfit :iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 4 3 The Reaping of Kaff by Sobaku-no-Sarah The Reaping of Kaff :iconsobaku-no-sarah:Sobaku-no-Sarah 7 8

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Sarah H.
United States
I'm primarily a writer but I experiment with various mediums!
I have many loves but most of all there is my love for art! Drop a comment BELOW if you dare.

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Personal Quote: "Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance?" - Edgar Bergen
I have a bone to pick with you. One of the biggest complaints I have had and have seen others having on this site for the longest time is the inability to change their username. To change from something embarrassing your middle school aged self thought was pure genius was such a huge hassle that for many people it simply wasn't worth it. Finally I see two users that I watch use the newly implemented feature to change their username.

Of course, I've disliked mine for a while, and have wanted to switch over to the one that I use on most websites now. But when I got to the page, I saw that deviantart is requiring PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for this change.

It's not a terrible thing to want to make money, but on a feature that took way too long to impose and that ought to be pretty basic? That's underhanded and cheap. I am hoping it is only as a premium membership deal as they continue to implement it, as code monkeys do require payment to keep everything up to snuff. I am not unreasonable and know running a website costs some serious cash, especially when it's one this big. But SCREWING OVER your customers and loyal site goers is not the way to do that.

Other shady practices with proper censoring aside, this is just upsetting.

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